DuYu is now a distributor for Australia’s leading Sustainable Packaging products.

Duyu is committed to ensuring that we are offering our customers great products AND sustainable packaging!  We will work hard to review and maintain our packaging range to ensure we are keeping up with the demands of our conscientious customers!

We offer a comprehensive Sustainable Packaging range:

Single wall hot cups

Double wall hot cups

Cold cups

Takeaway containers

Plates, bowls & trays





Produce trays


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The team at Duyu Coffee are 100% committed to sustainable business wherever possible! We love sourcing new ethical and sustainable products – and helping people ‘make the shift’!

We are ready to help you with your sustainable packaging requirements!

  • We will help you consider costs and savings when moving from your old packaging supply.

  • We have ready to go stock available and plenty of experience knowing what works well and what doesn’t.

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